Care & Repair

Selected spare parts and care products are available at the Circle Store Campus

In its commitment to sustainable development, Vitra designs long-lasting products that can outlast generations of owners. The longevity and sustainability of Vitra products is made possible by the quality of their construction and design. To extend their lifespan, the products are also designed so that they can be repaired if necessary. Products with a certain amount of wear and tear should be regularly cared for and maintained to minimise the need for repairs.

At the Circle Store Campus, we will be happy to advise you on cleaning and care instructions for your Vitra products and offer you a direct replacement service for wearing parts.

Find out about our range of spare parts and maintenance products available in our Circle Store Campus:

Repair and maintenance service in the Vitra Circle Store Campus

Repairs by trained people and certified partners play an important role in extending the service life of a product. This means that the products continue to be actively used and are not simply replaced, which reduces the impact on the environment.

In our Circle Stores, products can be repaired on site by trained service personnel to extend the life of Vitra products.

For repair, maintenance, servicing or replacement by trained specialists, please contact our team via our Contact & Service area or bring your Vitra product to the Circle Store Campus.